A Rock-and-Roll Bar Mitzvah | Nashville, TN - Enchanted Florist
Florals for Evan's rock-and-roll themed Bar Mitzvah, added a natural and whimisical feel to this important coming of age celebration. See flowers by Enchanted Florist on the blog.
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A Rock-and-Roll Bar Mitzvah | Nashville, TN

A Rock-and-Roll Bar Mitzvah | Nashville, TN

Evan’s Bar Mitzvah was full of personality, spunk, and rock-and-roll (just like Evan). Pieces of Evan’s personality and favorite things were found in every nook and cranny of this event.

For this bar mitzvah, we created the floral designs at the intimate and emotional ceremony. We used Billy Button Balls and purple hydrangeas for fun and youthful florals. We also designed the centerpieces for the reception. Each table showcased Evan’s favorite hobby and talent – rock-and-roll! We used succulents, moss, and branches for the centerpieces added a natural touch to the rock-and-roll theme. What a fun way to celebrate someone’s coming-of-age! Guests could also find Evan’s favorite snacks and treats throughout the reception. Swedish fish, pixie sticks, and all the treats a kid could want!

Photos provided by Erin Lee Allender. Thank you, Evan, for the privilege of being part of your bar mitzvah! Rock on!

It’s our jam to bring your floral visions to life at any of your special events. Send us a message at caprice@enchantedfloristtn.com